Start: 2020-02-04
The recent developments in the stock market are at the heart of the interest in economic and social life, both in Greece and internationally… More info.
Start: 2019-11-04
In IES Trassierra (Córdoba, Spain) we have taken part in the 4th spanish interscholar Rubik´s Cube championship. With this we try to achieve… More info.
Start: 2019-10-09
Visit to the Maths and Music exhibition in the Science Park of Granada
Last October, our students from IES Trassierra (Códoba, Spain)… More info.



Italy, Montesarchio - IIS Enrico Fermi
Spain, Córdoba - IES Trassierra
Greece, Athens - 1st General Lyceum of Ilion
Latvia, Riga - Secondary School No.25
Turkey, Istanbul - Galatasaray High School


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