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Popular games

IES Trassierra, (Cordoba)
Date start: 2022-02-23
Date end: 2022-02-23

Because of the next mobility in Córdoba, the pupils and teachers in the project are meeting to learn more about the popular games of each participating country.
Through a virtual meeting, each team presents popular games of their country to the rest of the countries. Afterwards, they compete...

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Chess Tournament

IES Trassierra, (Cordoba)
Date start: 2022-01-26
Date end: 2022-01-26

The time has come! Five teams from five countries with 10 players in each team participate in the international chess tournament. After learning about the history, the rules and the tournaments, they play in the chess tournament which takes place on 26th January during half an hour. There are more t...

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Encrypted Christmas

IES Trassierra, (Cordoba)
Date start: 2021-12-01
Date end: 2021-12-22

The pupils involved in the Maths Everywhere project use Maths, and especially cryptography, to send encrypted Christmas greetings. Previously they investigated the different methods of encryption and afterwards they sent a secret Christmas message. Everyone discovered the Christmas greeting!

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Athens Mobility 8-12/11/2021

1st General Lyceum of Ilion, (Athens,Greece)
Date start: 2021-10-05
Date end: 2021-11-13

We welcome you in our mobility in Athens.
Athens has been the capital of Greece since 1834 and is the largest and most densely populated city in the country. It took its name from the Goddess Athena. Is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a recorded history of up to 3,200 BC...

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Italy, Montesarchio - IIS Enrico Fermi
Spain, Córdoba - IES Trassierra
Greece, Athens - 1st General Lyceum of Ilion
Latvia, Riga - Secondary School No.25
Turkey, Istanbul - Galatasaray High School