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Visit to Swedbank

Swedbank, (Riga)
Date start: 2020-02-12
Date end: 2020-02-12

The students of the 10th grade in Riga Secondary School no.25 visited the Finance laboratory at the headquarters of Swedbank. Finance laboratory is a new Swedbank initiative to help educate students about smart money management. Escape room elements in the Finance laboratory guide students through a...

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Educational visit to the Athens Stock Exchange

Athens Stock Excgange, (Athens, Greece)
Date start: 2020-02-04
Date end: 2020-02-04

The recent developments in the stock market are at the heart of the interest in economic and social life, both in Greece and internationally. It is important therefore to inform our students on this subject. Students and teachers had the opportunity to learn about different financial concepts and th...

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Participation of IES Trassierra in a Rubik Cubes Championship

IES Trassierra, (Córdoba)
Date start: 2019-11-04
Date end: 2019-12-10

In IES Trassierra (Córdoba, Spain) we have taken part in the 4th spanish interscholar Rubik´s Cube championship. With this we try to achieve to one of the objectives of our project: to bring mathematics closer to our students, in order to reduce their anxiety to our subject by showing their playfu...

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Visit to Maths and Music Exhibition in Granada

Parque de las Ciencias, (Granada)
Date start: 2019-10-09
Date end: 2019-10-09

Visit to the Maths and Music exhibition in the Science Park of Granada
Last October, our students from IES Trassierra (Códoba, Spain) visited the Science Museum of Granada. The visit included the teaching experience PLAY: Science and Music. We learnt many things about the connections between...

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Italy, Montesarchio - IIS Enrico Fermi
Spain, Córdoba - IES Trassierra
Greece, Athens - 1st General Lyceum of Ilion
Latvia, Riga - Secondary School No.25
Turkey, Istanbul - Galatasaray High School