1st General Lyceum of Ilion, (Ilion, Athens)
Date Start: 2020-10-18
Date End: 2020-10-18

Math trails are part of experiential learning asTech is applied, an effort to integrate it into the educ.process, as well as the development of creativity, problem solving, collaboration and communication.
Students through the MathCityMap application had to try solve in a collaborative way the mathematical problems given to them by applying and enhancing their mathematical knowledge in the context of an effective and attractive learning activity.
It was easy to identify the specific points-stations as there were photos of them in the application. At each point-station, students had to solve an exercise based on the mathematics material of Grade A Lyceum. In some exercises they had to recall mathematical knowledge they had acquired in high school.
Trying to integrate experiential learning using Technology in the educational process mathematical paths are created, focus on the students’ development such as creativity, problem solving, collaboration, communication!/trail/793187

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Italy, Montesarchio - IIS Enrico Fermi
Spain, Córdoba - IES Trassierra
Greece, Athens - 1st General Lyceum of Ilion
Latvia, Riga - Secondary School No.25
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