Riga, (Riga)
Date Start: 2021-09-27
Date End: 2021-10-01

Students and teachers at Riga Secondary school No.25 started a new Erasmus+ project “Maths Everywhere”. The project involved 5 countries – Greece, Italy, Latvia, Spain, and Turkey.

The project aims to expand young peoples knowledge about mathematics in everyday life. Each country had its own maths subject. Our theme was “Mathematics and Finance”. Our mobility was supposed to take place in person in the spring of 2020, but unfortunately due to the epidemiological situation, it was not possible, so work was organized remotely. In autumn 2020, negotiations started between teachers from the member states to organize virtual mobility. A Kahoot game was organized on November 23rd, 2020.

On 16 and 17 December, a further meeting was held to set up the international teams, and it was decided that one student from each partner country would be part of the team. In total, 10 teams were formed, with 5 students per team. We learned about the stock market and the EURO STOXX 50 index. Rules were drawn on how the work should be done in each country, what work would be done together and what the result would be. Throughout January and February, buying and selling of shares took place, and at the end of February, the work was summarized in joint remote sessions. All results were published on the eTwinning website. Remote meetings on further work between teachers were held regularly. In May it was decided to meet face-to-face in the autumn if an opportunity arises. With the start of the new school year, the question of a meeting in Riga was a priority issue.

This September, we welcomed our friends from the partner countries to Rigas Secondary school No.25. On Saturday, 25 September, and Sunday, 26 September, we welcomed the foreign guests of the Erasmus+ project “Maths Everywhere”. On the first day, 27 September, the opening ceremony took place in the main hall – the guests were addressed by the school headmistress Inga Nestere, her deputy Gita Šulce, Inguna Gustava – head of the “Mathematics and Finance” department, and Tālivaldis Mežis – project manager. During the opening ceremony, the school dance group “Pasaciņa” and young singers performed, and a film about our school was shown. After the ceremony, our students led a tour of our school – they talked about the history and traditions and showed the schools museum. In the afternoon, we went to the Old Town, where the guests were introduced to our capital city and brief history of Latvia.

On Tuesday we went to Jurmala. We enjoyed an active holiday in the adventure park “Tarzāns”. Both students and teachers enjoyed a walk through the treetops. After the adventure park, we went for a walk around Jurmala, introduced the guests to the history of Jurmala, and went to the beach. We played volleyball and football together, some of the boys also went swimming.

On Wednesday we went to Sigulda. We took part in an orienteering game in the Turaida Reserve and visited Turaida Castle. In Turaida, the guide introduced the history of the castle and the surrounding area. The best teams in the orienteering game were awarded. Next, we went to the workshops. Everyone had the opportunity to make their own ceramic bowl and to create a bookmark from recycled paper with a message to their foreign friend. After the workshops, we went to Lake Araiši, where we were introduced to how people lived in different periods. We visited the fortified Latgalian settlement on an island in Lake Araiši.

On Thursday, the guests came to our school to take part in a virtual lesson "The World of Money". We listened to a remote lesson from the Bank of Latvia, after which students worked in groups to complete worksheets on financial topics and present their work. In the second half of the day, we went to the Technical Creativity House "Annas 2", where we had the opportunity to show our mental acuity, finger dexterity and take part in various experiments.

On Friday, the last day of work, we went to the Riga Zoo, where we took part in an orienteering game, answered questions, learned about the zoos history, and saw the animals. Next, we went together to the Mezaparks Grand Stage, where each country sang a song in their own language. This was a prelude to the next activity in Greece in mid-November, with the theme "Maths and Music". In the afternoon, a farewell event took place on the island of Dole. We handed out certificates for the project, played games, flew a drone, and looked at photos of the weeks work.

This mobility was an excellent chance for the students to take part in fun activities, solve maths and finance-related problems, develop their English skills, take initiative, and build cooperation skills with young people from different countries. Incredible friendships were formed during the week, and it was not easy to part with the other students. We are looking forward to the activities in Greece and Spain!

12th grade student: Laura Putne

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