Athens Stock Excgange, (Athens, Greece)
Date Start: 2020-02-04
Date End: 2020-02-04

The recent developments in the stock market are at the heart of the interest in economic and social life, both in Greece and internationally. It is important therefore to inform our students on this subject. Students and teachers had the opportunity to learn about different financial concepts and through examples to understand how a company operates. Students and teachers understood that on the demand side, fluctuations in share prices change the financial wealth of households, which may therefore adjust their consumption spending at least in part. On the supply side, on the other hand, the stock market is able to play an important role in restructuring the economy and in financing businesses for productive investment. The concepts of supply and demand were understood through question and answer examples.
Food for thought given to all to seek the impact of the stock market on the real economy

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Italy, Montesarchio - IIS Enrico Fermi
Spain, Córdoba - IES Trassierra
Greece, Athens - 1st General Lyceum of Ilion
Latvia, Riga - Secondary School No.25
Turkey, Istanbul - Galatasaray High School