ITALY, (Montesarchio)
Date Start: 2020-02-17
Date End: 2020-02-21

The treasure hunt took place in three phases: the first phase at school, the second phase at the Museo Caudium in Montesarchio, the third in the beautiful setting of Castel dell’ Ovo in Naples.
Six teams with 6 members each participated in the race. The teams had the name of a color and were followed by a tutor student who was tasked with recording the answers and the time it took to provide them.
The problems were administered using a qr code found in the hidden envelopes. Students decoded the QR code through their smartphones, thus accessing the information contained in it: the text of the problem with its figure or photo.

In the treasure hunt carried out at school the hidden envelopes were nine, the last envelope contained the clue of the place where the treasure was located, to be discovered through a small riddle. The other eight envelopes contained geometric and algebraic mathematical problems. At the beginning of the race the regulation was read and explained. After that was provided the first sheet with the first qr code indicating, through a riddle, the first place to look for coloured envelopes. Each team had to look for the envelope of their own colour. All teams had a map of the school on which all environments were marked with a number. Every time the team found the envelope of their colour, opened it, scanned the qr code, solved the problem and provided the answer to the tutor, writing it with 4 digits on a special sheet, guarded by the student tutor. If the answer was correct, the tutor pointed it out with a paddle showing its green side. When the answer was correct, the number corresponding to the answer was searched on the map and could be found the envelope with the next problem.

In the second phase, at the Caudino Museum, there were 4 problems to be solved and it was not necessary to solve them, as in the first phase, according to a chronological order. The students had a map and a crossword puzzle- The students searched for envelopes of their own colour, and each time they solved a problem and provided the exact answer they got an indication to complete the crossword puzzle. When they solved the last problem and completed the crossword puzzle on it, the place where the treasure was found appeared horizontally. The problems were the Assteas Vase, the Tower of Montesarchio, the view of Taburno, the fountain of Hercules located in the most important square of Montesarchio.

In the third phase, at Castel dell’ Ovo-Napoli, the problems were always 4 and did not have a chronological order. The coloured envelopes were hidden in various ravines, loggette., ladders. The resolution of each problem gave the possibility to have a piece of a puzzle that composed created a qr code; the scan, provided, through a guessing game, the place where the treasure was located: under a cannon of the terrace of the cannons. Again the mathematical problems were set in the artistic places of the city: Ovo Castle, Male Angioino, the Royal Palace.

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